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DEVS 100 Lecture Notes - Glenn Gould, Canadian Identity, Hygiene

Global Development Studies
Course Code
DEVS 100
Richard Day

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Devs Week 14 Immigration and Multiculturalism 1/15/2013 6:36:00 AM
The Great White North (as interpreted by Glen Gould)
Video on the powerpoint
Robertson: Being Canadian (1)
He deploys an interpretive paradigm
Robertson: Being Canadian Means…
Being Canadian is being not American
We insisted on retaining rights for what we now call the First
There has always been more division and ambiguity about “shared”
history and less exuberance to our nationalism
“Canada is the only substantial country in the world with no
cultural, linguistic or tribal homogeneity…”
Canadian identity that has flourished under the shade-tree of
benign colonialism
Colonialism was not always consenting or benign
o We‟ve been colonizers but not as bad as the States
Welcomes waves of newcomers
o English people show up, and everyone that was there before
or shows up after are considered newcomers
Patience and tolerance
North and our sense of nature
The struggle with climate, geography and our northern destiny now
has a new resonance with the promise of oil, gas and diamonds;
the threat of global warming
Reconciliation with our First Nations aside, probably the greatest
challenge for Canada in the 21st century will be the continuing
successful selection and integration of new Canadians
Canadian national characteristic: our deeply non-antagonistic
political culture
Summary: Things are pretty good, and pretty much always have been. We
are nice, we like other people, and other people like us. Even if we and
they don‟t know who or what we are!
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Multiculturalism Unveiled 1/15/2013 6:36:00 AM
Reflecting on the Film
One is not born into minority, one is made into minority
People mistake multiculturalism for multi-ethnicism
Diversity of races
Is that multiculturalism?
If that were the case then India would be very multicultural due to
the number of languages spoken, etc.
People come here as skilled workers, not to put their own ethnic
spin on things such as architecture
Place of Birth
Uncultural origins
Canadian multiculturalism was born as a response to a political
Mechanism of control
Maintaining Status quo
The way the country is set up in such a racial hierarchical manner
Multicultural Day
o Provides the illusion that we are multicultural
Multiculturalism as a cover
Canada & US
Canadian Illusion
Whose laws?
What does culture mean?
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