DEVS 100 Final: Mickey Mouse Monopoly

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Mickey Mouse Monopoly
“Why is it that dark people are always doing bad things?”
How could you POSSIBLY think that Disney is political?
oWhy question something that is so innocent and ‘magical’
Corporate culture: ultimate form of fantasy that never needs to be questioned
Media influences the way we think –images shape what we know
Feminity – what does it look like to be a woman – idea of seduction even within the smallest
Disney characters
The aggressor: no means yes in beauty and the beast
Jasmine becomes a seductress to distract Jaffar from Aladdin
oUse your body to manipulate people and get what you want
Female character is always rescued by a strong, male- they can never protect themselves
Snow White: domestic house wife
Airel: willing to give up the voice to get the male…all she had left is the body
Mulan: real independent female yet ends up with a man again
Beauty and the Beast: Family violence-imprisons, screams and rips her family away from her
She returns, and excuses him and his personality, rage and abuse as temper and falls in love
oOverlook the abuse, kiss that beast and bring out the tenderness
oChange him for the better
Stereotypical point of view is how Disney was written
oIs it intentional?-racism and sexism (doesn’t matter because the affect is the same)
Latino characters in Disney movies: chiauhaha –stealing a car, insulted and filthy
oLatinos being dogs
Crows, monkeys and organtauns are doing the jive, hip hop and the black vibe
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