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SOCY 303 Final: Lecture 10 (Week 6)

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SOCY 303
W.Andrew Silver

Feb. 17, 2017 SOCY 303 – Lecture # 11 (Week 6) • Last Time: o Mid-term o Schleef (2000)  Motivations for pursuing professional work • Deciding to go to professional school (Schleef 2000) o Why do individuals decide to attend law schools, business schools? o Motivations for entering law school:  Altruism/social justice  Career reasons  Ambivalence o Findings:  “…I wanted to be a doctor…so I figure that’s a good way of earning good money and helping people at the same time. So when that options was out, I thought what else is there maybe law…I had thought but not seriously about going into nursing, but then I thought that’s a big step down from becoming a doctor…I guess I’m ambitious and I want my family to be proud of me…A law profession or doctor is very prestigious, and parents like to tell their friends. ‘My daughter’s in law school’, so that pushes me, too” (p.162).  “These students’ choice of professional schools was a seamless one, going with the grain of others’ expectations. The students’ desire to attend was fueled not so much by an ardent interest or perceived aptitude in these fields, but by the need for credentials to remain in and to have the salary, prestige, and lifestyle of the upper middle class.” (p. 156) • Today: o Individuals in professions  An “interpretive” approach to understanding access to professions  Cultural matching (Rivera 2012) Feb. 17, 2017  Sense-making  Bevort and Sabbady (2016) • Interpretivism o Opposite of positivism o Subjective meaning over social laws o Grasp the participants’ point of view o Researchers should have empathy o Symbolic interactionism  “Taking the role of the others” (Mead)  Constant interpretation of symbolic meaning of environment  Goal to understand the interpretation o Ontological considerations  Objectivists vs. constructionist • Summary (Rivera 2012) o What role do cultural similarities play in hiring decisions?  Key question o Methods  Interviews  Participant observation o Interest in “subjective interpretations”  interpretative approach – recognize how managers decide on hiring people o “When you are judging someone [to see] of you want to put him in front of a client, the question is do they conduct themselves profession
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