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Ryerson University
Disability Studies
DST 500
Vikraman Baskaran

Freud – Oedipal Sexuality; sons want mothers, daughters want fathers etc… Adler- Inferiority Complex, focused on individual and environment Erikson- Trained in psychoanalysis built on freud theroes. Believed ppl had stages of development Jung- Trained in medicine, highly influential dream analysis and symbolization Termed something called unification of the cell Marx – Class, Alienation, False Consciousness He saw division of labour increased alienation. Workers had no control over any of the work labourers did. Unequal distribution of wealth, social classes an issue, rich get richer – Communism Weber – Class and status, Thoughts on Power, Impact of life chances. Durkheim – Humans are social beings, Sociological look at suicide. Cannot understand people in individual terms opposite of freud. Have to understand whats happening in society etc… Simmel – Individual seen as sum of their connections, Focus on positive aspect of conflict Maslow – Hierarchy of needs; 1. Self-actualization 2. Esteem 3. Belonging and love 4. Safety 5. Phsyiological Merton - One important cultural goal in North America was success and how to measure success? Money. Week 2 PWLEs – People with Lived Experience. Hippocrates Four Humours – Emotionally Unstable Melancholic – Moody, Anxious, Rigid , quiet Introvert Choleric – Touchy, Restless, aggressive, optimistic extravert Emotionally Stable Phlegmatic – Passive, Peaceful, Thoughtful, reliable, calm Introvert Sanguine – Sociable, outgoing, easygoing extravert Week 3 Societal insanity can be understand as a global property of society and how it is evaluated. Ex lookin at activity and not the people, with collective you look at people more or population so and societial you are lookin at the activities You can view or talk about society that is irrational or insane and yet view the pople in the society as completely rational Fasion fad- Rich people start the trend Careerism- having that grave discontent with your career no matter how successful you are, its that consistent seeking for a better job and position Mobs- are high emotional crowds; they target specific individual or groups of individual ex. KKK Actions are motivated by fear; fear of the other fear of the perceived or defined enemy; these actions within the mob are normalized. Riots- doesn’t target specific people; they result in property damage; can be politically motivated Mass Hysteria- is understood as a form of disperse collectively where the emotional and rational happens to a perceived threat. Its disperse b/c the people don’t have to be in the same room. It can happen anywhere. Y2k; 2012; 911; HIV and AIDSS people didn’t have enough info and hysteria is both real and perce
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