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FSN 123
Julia Scalzo

Chapter 1Webstersprevailing custom usage or stylewideFashion styles of clothing and accessories worn at a particular time by a particular group of people includes cosmetics fragrance and home furnishingsour defFashion industries businesses engaged in manufacturing the materials and finished products used in production of apparel and accessories Fashion business industries and services associated w fashion design manufacturing distribution marketing retailing advertising communications publishing and consulting Marketingidentify consumer needs develop good productsprice and promote them efficientlyMerchandising sales promotion as a comprehensive function market research development of new products coordination of manufacture and marketing effective advertising and selling Its the planning to have the right fashion oriented merchandise at the right time place quantities pricesw the right promotion5Rs of merchandising 2 misconceptions designers dictate fashion Fashion only influences women Fashion is mysterious and unpredictableStyle general characteristic or distinctive artistic expression or presentationStyle apparel characteristic or distinctive appearance of a garmentA fashion is a style that is accepted and used by the majority of a group at any time no matter how small that groupFashion is the result of a social emulation and acceptanceHigh fashion a new style accepted by a limited number of fashion leaders who want to be the first to adopt changes and innovation in fashionMassvolume fashion styles widely accepted Accounts for majority of sales in fashion businessDesign a particular or individual interpretation version or treatment of a styleStyle number assigned to each design Identifies it for manufacturing ordering and selling Taste prevailing opinion of what is and what is not appropriate for a given occasionClassic style or design that satisfies basic need and remains in general fashion acceptance Fad a fashion that suddenly sweeps into popularity affects a limited part of population then quickly disappearsTrend general direction of movementMichael Korsstarted designing at 19 graduated fashion institute of technology NY 1981 launched womenswear line at Bloomingdales Bergdorf Goodman lordTaylor neiman marcusSaks 19972003 Celine1999CFDA womenswear designer of the year2004 started MICHAEL Michael Kors handbags and shoes and KORS Michael Kors footwear and jeans in addition to Michael Kors runway collections2010 CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award th2011his 30 year in the businessSilhouette overall outlinecontur of a costumeAgnes Brooke Young 3 basic forms bell shapedbouffant bustlestraighttubular slim rectangle wedge AlineDetails individual elements that give a silhouette its form and shapeTexture look and feel of material woven or nonwovenFashion cycle rise wide popularity and decline in acceptance of a style Represented by a bell shaped curveStages Innovationintroduction
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