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FSN 132
Joanne Mc Neish

Next Class Midterm Bring Student ID Matching wuestiongs Chapter 1,2,3,7,11 + special features Speakers Samples on Blackboard and more information on blackboard Email copy of theme 45 questions **costumer wants more than clothing ---put in paper Anika – APA Formatting -American Psychological Association - [email protected] -- subject APA + FSN # - purdue owl - can by manual why is proper citation important? -not plagiarism credible source: important / its books/interview with professionals, Peer reviewed journal article, documentaries – not Wikipedia !!! TEXT BOOK CANNOT BE CREDIBLE SOURCE FOR PAPER Minimum 10 sources, 3 must not be websites Cant use in fashion Can include museum visists, interviews All ten sources must be cited In text citation Title page = FsN # right top corner 12 point font can put pic in background etc headers: title top left, page number top rogjt double space 12 in times new ro ariel Calibri. Must be loonger than 8 pages, not including title) In text citation Author, date Pages Can use acronym eg United Nations (UN) – than UN Don't use a lot of citations PARAPHRASE FIRST 2-3 quotes date if use name in sentence eg according to ---- no double periods for websites, say paragraph (para 3) square brackets if you need to change direct quotes []if omit part, … how to reference periodicals different formats to easily recognize the source “ebjvdsbdsj?” (fhjkadh). WGSN – corporate author New appendix on new page, reference for each appendix How everything is appearing, not alphabetical Can use first person Due in indesign Research paper Stores Appendix B - in “chart” form - portrait or landscape - list chart in info on the project brief/evaluation sheet - bullet or point form, easier to read/mask - take notes at store one daywear dress from store photo, sketch –fashion Illustration, styles, detalils, fiber content, care instructions (try for cotton) ads, website, in.outside of stores have to justify why my dress would work FOLLOW EVALUATION – can get deductions from not doing everything 8 pgs no pg max for appendices don't put a mill pics see appendix a figure five etc stats Canada write either 3 or 1 person do visit lu an!! Double space (see appendix !, figurre 3) Generational Marketing Target groups “age” and “attitude” Until 1960’s fashion was about mass marketing, after that, designers started marketing to a specific market, finding the “right” segment - stay true to her, I slipped a bit, but had to come back – sonny - target market, store, designs should be cohesive 1. Grey Market – born before 1945 2. Most neglected (little designers target her) 3. Feels 10-15 years younger 4. Has $$ to spend 2. Baby Boomers – 1946-1964 largest generation starting to retire primary demographic spending group – huge imapact on fashion as they get older 60s juniors group created especially for them 70s –contemporary 80s Bridge Price zones = designer  Bridge  contemporary  better  moderate  budget Baby Busters 1965-1979 “Generation X’’ better educated, individualistic more money to spend usually 2 incomes 1 generation to grow up with computers care
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