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CE_Final Exam_Spring 2006_Version 4 - With Solutions-1.doc

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Ryerson University
FIN 300
Michael Inglis

Ryerson UniversityCFIN300Final Exam Winter 2006There are 25hours in this examVersion 4Student NameSolution KeyPlease PrintStudent NumberNotes1This is a closed book examYou may only have pens pencils and a calculator atyour desk 2A formula sheet is attached to the end of the examYou may detach the formulasheet from the examPlease fill out the scanner sheet as you go along in the examYou will not be given extra time at the end of the exam to fill it out3Select the best possible answer for each multiplechoicequestion4Each of the 50 MC questions is worth 1 markMarksAvailableTotal50There are 18 pages in this examCFIN300 Final ExamSpring 2006Version 4Multiple Choice QuestionsPlease answer the 50 multiple choice questions on the scanner sheet providedChoose the best answer from the set given for each question Note only the scanner sheet will be marked and anything written on the test paper will be completely disregarded1At 1059 AM the price of Nexus Corp stock is 25 on the stock exchangeAt 1100 Nexus management unexpectedly announces that the firm has just struck oil in Northern Timbuktu a good thingThere are no other relevant announcements during the dayAt 1101 Nexus stock is selling for 2810 At 1201 the stock is selling for 2800 on the stock exchangeAt 400 at the close of trading Nexus stock is still selling for 2805Which of the following statements is most consistent with the above informationaThe market is weak form efficientbThe market is not weak form efficientcThe market is semistrong form efficientdThe market is not semi strong form efficienteThe market is strong form efficient2You have just gotten a mortgage for 150000 The interest rate on the mortgage is 6 per year compounded semiannually If the amortization period is 25 years and you are going to make weekly payments what will be the size of each paymenta22105b59044c21927d21902e302463In a truly competitive environment in which everyone has the same capabilities where there are no barriers to entry where there are no patent or copyright laws and where everyone has equal access to funding investmentsaWill tend to have a net present value of zerobWill tend to have a potential profit of zerocWill tend to have a positive net present valuedWill tend to have a negative net present valueeNone of the Above2
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