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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

Chapter 7- Information and Decision Making Information Technology: is the use of electronic devices that aid in the creation, management, and use of information Information Technology and the Changing Workplace Knowledge workers: add value to organizations through intellect Intellectual capital: is the collective brainpower or shared knowledge of a workforce Productivity of knowledge and knowledge workers depends on two must have competencies (Drucker) o Computer competency, the ability tl understand computers and use them to their best advantage o Information competency, the ability to utilize technology to locate, retrieve, evaluate, organize, and analyze information for decision making How it is Changing Business Electronic Commerce: is the buying and selling goods and services through use of the internet Business-to-consumer Ecommerce or B2C: businesses engage in e-retailing, selling directly to customers over the internet Business-to-business Ecommerce or B2B: businesses use the internet to collaborate and make transactions with one another. Stages of Development in Ecommerce: 1. Secure an online identity 2. Establish a web presence 3. Enable e-commerce 4. Provide e-commerce and customer relationship management 5. Utilize a service application model How it is Changing Organizations www.notesolution.comCustomer Relationship Management: Quickly and accurately providing information for decision makers regarding customer needs, and preferences, and satisfaction. Supply Chain Management: from initiation of purchase, to logistics and transportation, to point of delivery and ultimate use, IT also allows outsourcing and other business contracts to be continuously and efficiently monitored. How it is Changing the Office Instant Messaging: is instantaneous communication between people online at the same time Peer-to-peer file sharing: connects PCs directly to one another over the internet Information and Management Process What is Useful Information
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