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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Sui Sui

GMS200 Chapter 11 March 18 2013  Power vs. Influence o Figure 11.2 o Power of the position – based on things manager can offer to others o Power of the person – based on how managers are viewed by others  Study Question 1: What is the nature of leadership? o How to turn power in to influence  Acquire all sources of power  Reward/legitimate/Coercive power: temporary compliance  Expert/referent power: enduring results and generates commitment  Visionary Leadership o Vision  The vision of TRSM is shaping the global leaders of tomorrow o Visionary Leadership  A clear and compelling sense of the future  Understand the actions needed to be successful  Servant Leadership o Commitment to serving others o Followers more important than leader o Focuses on empowerment, not power  Empower your employees o James Kinnear, former chief executive of Texaco, trained the best Texaco’s Saudi local employees, and pushed up the corporate ladder.  Study Question 2 : What are the important leadership traits and behaviours? o Leadership Behaviour  Recurring patterns of behaviour exhibited by leaders  Managerial styles in Blake and Mouton’s leadership grid (Figure 11.3) o Country Club Manager – focuses on people’s needs, building relationships o Team Manager – focuses on building participation and support for a shared purpose o Impoverished manager – focuses on minimum efforts to get work done o Authority – Obedience manager – focuses on efficiency of tasks and operations o Middle-of-Road manager – focuses on balancing work output and morale.  Classic leadership styles: o Autocratic style  Emphasizes task over people o Laissez-faire style  Lets the group make decisions o Democratic style  Committed to both task and people GMS200 Chapter 11 March 18 2013  Fiedler’s Contingency Model o Leadership style  Part of one’s personality.  Must be fit to the situation. 
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