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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Horatio Morgan

Global ManagementChapter 11 Leading and Leadership DevelopmentThe Late Grace Hopper Managers need to spend time dealing with the status quo and focus more on fighting out what needs to be changed The present moment is the domain of managers The future is the domain of leaders Leaders become great by bringing out the best in people Leaders are expected to focus on long term goals while dealing with short term onesThe Nature of Leadership Leadership the process of inspiring others to work hard to accomplish important tasks Leadership is one of the most popular management topics Leading to inspire the effortcommunicate the vision build enthusiasm motivate commitment hard workLeadership and Power Leadership essentially begins with the ways a manager uses power to influence the behavior of other people Power ability to get someone else to do something you want done or to make things happen the way you wantPower of Position Reward Power is the capacity to offer something of value as a means of influencing other people Coercive power the capacity to punish or withhold positive outcomes as a means of influencing other people Legitimate Power the capacity to influence other people by virtue of formal authority or the rights of officePersonal Power Expert power is the capacity to influence other people because of specialized knowledge Referent Power is the capacity to influence other people because of their desire to identify personally with youLeadership and Vision Great leaders get extraordinary things done in organizations by inspiring and motivating others toward a common purpose Successful leadership is associated with a vision a clear sense of the future Are able to turn vision into accomplishment Visionary Leadership brings to the situation a clear sense of the future and an understanding of how to get there Lorraine Monroe Leadership Institute to develop and support public school leaders who view solid education as a necessity of transforming childrens lives and who are committed to leading consistently high achieving schools where all students beginning with kindergarten are prepared to enter and graduate from college There leadership is backed up by the statement we can reform society only if every place we live every school workplace church and family becomes a site of reformLeadership as Service Servant leadership is followercentered and committed to helping others in their work Empowerment enables others to gain and use decision making power Servant leaders empower others by providing them with the information responsibility authority and trust to make decisions and act independently institutions function better when the idea the dream is the fore and the person the leader is seen as servant to the dreamLeadership Traits and BehavioursLeadership Traits Physical characteristics such as a persons height weights and physique make no difference in determining leadership success A comprehensive review by Shelley Kirkpatrick and Edwin Locke indentifies these personal traits of many successful leaders Drive successful leaders have high energy display initiative and are tenacious Self confidence successful leaders trust themselves and have confidence in their abilities Creativity successful leaders are creative and original in their thinking Cognitive ability successful leaders have the intelligence to integrate and interpret information Jobrelevant knowledge successful leaders know their industry and its technical foundations Motivation successful leaders enjoy influencing others to achieve share goals Flexibility successful leaders adapt to fit the needs of followers and the demands of situations Honesty and integrity successful leaders are trustworthy they are honest predictable and dependableLeadership Behaviors Leadership style is the recurring pattern of behaviors exhibited by a leader
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