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Graphic Communications
GRA 423
Natalia L

GRA 203ELECTRONIC PREMEDIA EXAM REVIEWLECTURE 1 INTROREVIEWBASIC PROCESS 1 Customer and marketer think of solutions 2 Graphic designer creates files 3 Prepress operator makes files ready for printing device 4 Press operator prints job 5 Postpress binds job 6 Job is shipped to customerCHECKINGIN TO PREPRESS 7 job arrives docket checkedfile analysisevaluationproofingclient approvalplatesIMAGE CAPTUREScanning Used to be the industry standard Used today to preservedigitize informationDigital photographyShutter speed captures movement seconds of fractions of Aperture depth of filedfstopsISO sensitivity to light used in low light situationshttpcanonoutsideofautocaImage banks Royalty free vs rights reserved photos Can be expensive but so are some photos ex pictures of elephantsCOMPOSING INTERESTING IMAGEOff center rule of thirdsUp close From a unique perspective ResolutionDetermines the size of the image that can be printedDependent on how close you will be standing to the piece of printResampling is not allowedDownsampling is okay LPILines per inchA grid of equidistant dots of varying sizes on printing platesThe better quality the paperprocess the finer the screen smaller the dots DPIDots per inch Dots output from an inkjet printer300 ppi on a 2880 dpi inkjet printer each ppi will be made of 96 dpi dots across and 96 downNote 2880 dpi is a really high resolution setting which will not add to the proof qualityPPIPixels per inchIf you zoom in PS each square in the checkerboard grid you see is a single pixel REPRODUCING TONES USING VARIOUS PRINT METHODS AND SUBSTRATE COMBINATIONSRemember that LPI dots are in a gridSmaller dots create highlight areasLarger dots create shadow areasIn between are midtone dots most photos have a lot of these
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