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MHR 523 Final: MHR-Exam-Review

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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 523
Rupa Banerjee

Final HR Exam: April 19th 36pm MAC ARENA *SEAT ASSIGNMENT = (SEAT 119) Row 607 Chapter 8: Orientation and training Explain the process of onboarding and why it is important List the key purpose, potential problems and evaluation methods of employee orientation programs: Onboarding = orientation program A strategic approach to recruitment and retention of employees includes a well integrated orientation (Onboarding) program both before and after hiring. New employees need a clear understanding of company policies, expectations regarding their performance, and operating procedures. Effective onboarding is necessary to instill the new prevailing attitudes, standards, values and patterns of behaviour that are expected by the organization. Define socialization: The process of learning to behave in a way that is acceptable to society. Basic training process consists of step steps: 1. Needs analysis 2. Instructional design 3. Validation 4. Implementation 5. Evaluation Two types of training (Be able to explain differences) 1. Training (Short Term): Typically, training is the process by which people are taught critical skills. Participants gain knowledge to carry out their current responsibilities. To goal is to improve performance in the short term. 2. Development (Long Term): Development activities, on the other hand, tend to prepare people for additional job roles for the long term. Development relies on more personalized, individualized experiences, such as a certification process, job rotation period, coaching or mentoring. Training techniques: On the job: job instruction training Off the job: Lecture, discussion, online training Evaluation of training and development: The lack of evaluation is the most serious flaw in most training efforts. There are several ways in which to evaluate the effectiveness of a program. 1) Reaction 2) Learning 3) Behaviour 4) Results
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