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Human Resources
MHR 523
Kristyn Scott

MULTIPLE CHOICEChoose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question 1Management of employee relations has shifted away from a focus on 1 employee discipline to a focus onAoneway communication Bmanaging dismissals and layoffs Cemployee engagement Dprotecting employees privacy Ehealth and safety2Helena feels that her employers process for deciding on pay increases is 2 not fair Helena is concerned with which of the following components of organizational justiceAdistributive justice Bpay equity Cinteractional justice Dallocational justice Eprocedural justice3Suggestion programs have several benefits The net effect is3 Athey let management continually monitor employees feelings Bthere is less likelihood that small problems will grow into big ones Cthey make it clear that employees have several channels through which to get responses Dthey let management continually monitor employees concerns Ethey make it clear that employees have several channels through which to communicate4Questionnaires that regularly ask employees their opinions about the 4 company management and work life are calledAemployee opinion surveys Bemployee development programs Cemployee training programs Demployee participation programs Eemployee sampling surveys5The Employee Feedback System is an employee satisfaction survey 5 covering the following EXCEPTAcoworker cohesion Brecruitment policies Cjob satisfaction Demployee commitment Equality focus6Traditional employee communication media such as newsletters are 6 being replaced with the following EXCEPTAelectronic bulletin boards Bvideos Cverbal presentations Dintranets Eemail7Which of the following is NOT considered to be personal information 7 about an employee and therefore NOT protected under privacy legislationAperformance review rating Bemployee job title Cergonomic assessment information Dbank account number Ehome address8Thegoverns the collection use and disclosure of personal 8 information across Canada including employers collection and dissemination of personal information about employeesAPersonal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act PIPEDA BEmployee Privacy and Dignity in the Workplace Act EPDWA CCanadian Privacy Legislation Act CPLA DPersonal Video Surveillance and Electronics Documents Act PVSEDA EThere is no such legislation in Canada9With respect to employee relations experts generally define 9 organizational justice in terms of three components One component isAtopdown communication justice Binter justice Cfair treatment justice Ddistributive justice Econstructive justice10Procedural justice refers to10 Ahighly publicized vehicles through which employees can appeal Bfairness in interpersonal interactions by treating others with respect Cthe fairness of the process used to make a decision Dmanagers conducting their interpersonal dealings Ethe fairness and justice of the outcome of a decision11Which of the following is true of recent research done in respect to 11 retirement in CanadaAVery few firms currently offer retirement counseling BMen are more likely to seek out new challenges after retirement CWomen find the psychological transition to retirement harder than men do DWomen find the psychological transition to retirement easier than men do EOrganizations are promoting early retirement as a means of dealing with the upcoming labour shortage12A layoff occurs where the following conditions are present12 Athere is a permanent severing of the employment relationship Bthere is no work and there is a permanent severing of the employment relationship Cthere is an issue of poor performance and a permanent severing of the employment relationship Dthe owner and President decides for economic and personal reasons to shut down the business permanently Ethere is no work and management intends to recall the employees when work is available again13Modern technological advances have put employers access to and 13 monitoring of information on a potential collision course with employeesAneed to know Bprivacy rights Crights and freedoms
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