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Chapter 9

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Human Resources
MHR 733
Rupa Banerjee

1 Chapter 9 Training Implementation and Delivery1 The lesson plan 4 Training materials and equipment 7 Training administration 2 The trainer 5 The training site 8 Delivery of the training program 3 The trainees 6 Scheduling and training program1 The Lesson PlanLesson plan blueprint that outlines the training program n terms of the sequence of activities and events that will take placeLesson a cohesive unit of instruction with a specific learning objectiveLesson plan cover page should include o Training objectives o Classroom requirements and seating o Trainees and instructor o Training materials and equipment o Time allocation and location o Trainee supplies and handoutsThe sequencing of the various activities in the lesson is an important considerationCommon approaches include o Simple to complex o General to specific o Familiar to unknown o Easy to difficult o Present to future o Concrete to abstracto Old to newBeginning with simple and familiar eases learners into new content and experienceso It builds trainee selfefficacyo Allows trainees to see how their current level of knowledge and experience is relevant for the training o Ultimately it reduces learner anxiety and makes for a more comfortable learning experienceLesson plan should focus on what trainees will be doing during the session2 The TrainerQualities of a good trainer o Subject matter expert SME person who is familiar with the knowledge skills and abilities required to perform a task or job o Good verbal and communication skills interpersonal skills and organizing and planning skillstrainer must be able to deliver content in a manner that is understandable to trainees o Ability to make material interesting rather than dull and boringMore physically animated eg posture gesturing eye contactLinguistic devices eg enthusiastic voice as opposed to monotone voice and vocal fluency rather than speaking with hesitancies umsEngagingdraw trainees into training program and keep them interested focused and involved in learningDifficult to find a good trainer because SME may not have knowledge and skills required to be good trainer and vice versaTrain the trainer training programs that teach SME how to design and deliver training programs one of the solutions to problem above3 The TraineesSelect trainees based on their abilities aptitudes and motivationTrainees can be assessed by o Person analysis o Performance tests or interviews o Trainability test test that measures an individuals ability to learn and perform training tasksTrainability tests involve o taking a minicourse or learning a sample of the training o taking a test that measures learning o Predictive of training success and job performance in many jobs o Used mostly for psychomotor skillsKirkpatrick outlined four decisions for selecting participants o Who can benefit from training o What programs are required by law or by government edict o Should training be voluntary or compulsory o Should participants be segregated by level or should levels be combinedTraining program should be compulsory because if voluntary then employees will not attendSome employees benefit training program given the tasks they perform and some training programs are required by law eg health and safetyTraining plan indicated who in an organization needs training the type of training that is needed and how the training will be delivered4 Training Material and EquipmentMaterials refer to expandable items such as note pads pens markers tapeEquipment refers to things that have a life beyond a single use such as projectors computers VCR The content methods and exercises in a training program determine the material and equipment requirements
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