INT 902 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Deaf Culture, Ableism, Whistle Rymes

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Op-Ed Essay - Group Assignment
15% of Final Grade
An op-ed essay succinctly communicates a particular point of view for readers of a
publication such as a magazine or newspaper. The term “Op-ed” refers to an opinion
essay that typically appears “opposite the editorial page”. Unlike other academic
writing, this type of essay is intended for a broad audience and uses simple, accessible
language rather than jargon or academese.
For this assignment you are to work with your group to develop, prepare and present an
op-ed essay on a specified controversial topic related to disability.
A secondary dimension to this assignment is to comment on other group’s op-ed essays.
You will be given the opportunity to indicate your interest in a particular topic, however,
if the groups are not balanced in numbers the final group assignments will be made by the
instructor. Groups will be assigned by the end of week four.
Each group will be given a topic and position statement that your op-ed essay will take
and defend. Read the position statement very carefully to determine your team’s position
– if you are at all unclear, ask your instructor for assistance. Your topic assignment
sheets will also provide you with several sources relevant to your topic that you should
draw on. You are at liberty to draw in other course materials/analytic approaches as
required. All sources must be properly cited using APA format.
The op-ed essay must be written from a social model of disability perspective (review
Module 3 to ensure you fully understand this perspective).
Groups will be assigned a group page on the course site. You must use the group
communication tools for all of your group communication – you will have a group
discussion board, a chat room, and file sharing locker. You may also use Google docs if
desired as long as you invite your instructor to view the Google doc. Connect with your
team members via these tools and decide how you will divide up and complete the work.
These posts will only be seen by the students assigned to the topic and the instructor. This
will help the instructor see how students participated.
The op-ed essay must be between 1100 and 1400 words (that’s 4 -5 double spaced
pages). Once complete, your group submits the assignment to your instructor via the
electronic drop box by the end of the day on Friday November 20th. I will post it in the
Op-Ed discussion forum on Sunday November 22nd.
Once op-ed essays are posted on this discussion forum, all students are expected to post a
question or comment in the discussion thread of at least 1 of your fellow groups’ essay
find more resources at
find more resources at
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