MHR 405 Study Guide - Situational Leadership Theory, Transactional Leadership, Transformational Leadership

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Published on 13 Apr 2013
MHR Chapter 12
Leadership: influencing, motivating, and enabling others to contribute toward the effectiveness and
success of the organization of which they are members
Shared leadership: The view that leadership is broadly distributed, rather than assigned to one person,
such that people within the team and organization lead each other
Authentic leadership: The view that effective leaders need to be aware of, feel comfortable with, and
act consistently with their values, personality, and self-concept
Figure 12.3 Authentic leadership Figure 12.4 Directive and supportive leadership styles
Servant leadership: The view that leaders serve followers, rather than vice versa; leaders help
employees fulfill their need and are coaches, stewards, and facilitators of employee performance
Path-Goal leadership theory: A Contingency theory of leadership based on the expectancy theory of
motivation that related several leadership styles to specific employee and situational contingencies
Leadership Behaviour perspective
Directive (Task-Oriented) Behaviours
Assign work, clarify responsibilities
Set goals and deadlines, provide feedback
Establish work procedures, plan future
Supportive (People-Oriented) Behaviours
Concern for employee needs
Make workplace pleasant
Recognize employee contributions
Listen to employees
Leadership Behaviour perspective
These categories mask subcategories of leader behaviour that may be distinct
Assumes best leaders display a high level of both supportive and directive styles
But best style seems to depend on the situation
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