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MKT 100
Mary Foster

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MKT100 MARY FOSTER WEEK 5: February 13, 2013 MIDTERM REVIEW - Marketing Mix o All about creating, delivering and communicating value - Exchange products for information - 4P’s –understand the foundation of the marketing; always designed with target customer in mind o ie. Different life cycle, family responsibilities - B2B**,B2C, C2C - Marketing is shaped by micro and macro forces (8-10 questions) - PEST!!! *** Most favourite topic! o Pick out which factor belongs where - 5C’s – company, culture, goals, image, products o Collab- suppliers, buyers, collaborators, alliance o Customers –segment, frequency, motivations o Competitors- type of market it is, how you talk about it in terms of market share, Herfindahl Index. How to advertise in a monopolistic vs. - Sustainable competitive advantage (given situation) o Ie. Mcd’s operational excellence o Ie. What kind of
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