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Ryerson University
MKT 100
Nicole Neverson

Culture, Identity, the Body, and Community 13-01-21 9:12 AM Conceptualizing Identity 1) The essentialists • From within o how our identities are formed without the influence of the social world • Nature o What identities we are born with -- skin color, sex, • Claim of objectivity o It is authentic or true – identities are predetermined 2) The social constructivists/constructionists • Internal and external relationship o Who we are on the inside are just as important as our external relationships o Influenced from the outside world as well • Social relations and power o How we look at the outside world is how we negotiate our social relationships • Subjective o Examines the meaning that we create about the world o Our experiences tell us who we are 3)Postmodernism/postmodernists • Abandon idea of objectivity o We have some subjectivity o We now live in this time o No objective truth/knowledge about the social world o We have a way of knowing/thinking about the social world § So who’s knowledge is objective – who should we believe? * Post modern society is highly dependent on advanced level of urbanization, the sharing of knowledge, technological developments • Agency – ability to chose, think critically even though we live in a world of limitations, we have the liability to rebel if we want o Choice and power Foucault (1979): Identity and Power Discipline and Punish (1979) – book • Relationship between power, knowledge and social control Social control and identity: The panopticon • Prison guards and inmates o Guards stopped beating inmates to keep them in line o Inmates aren’t being tortured – yet still behaving • The panopticon – pg.179 o New type of surveillance system in the prison system o Can see everything and any time o Structure in the system where the inmates knew that they were being watched o Modern day spot light, or camera, big brother • Results in self-disciplining behaviour o Forced the imitates to regulate themselves in fear of being watched How does the Panopticon relate to identity formation? • Social world as disciplining force o Outside world – inmate – help to discipline you , expectations of how you’re suppose to act o What does the social world expect of us o Discipline the ways we are to act, • Ex 1. Getting dressed o “technology of the self” = methods of self-surveillance o we think about the outside when we dress - • Ex 2: What Not To Wear o Panopticon – 360 degree mirror
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