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MKT300 - Exam Prep Winter 2013

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MKT 300
Jane Saber

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MKT300 – Winter 2013 Data to run business: - Environmental analysis including competitors - Customer analysis - SWOT o Internal: Strength & Weakness o External: Opportunity & Threats - Self analysis Environmental Variables - Competition - Economic - Political-legal - Technological - Social/cultural Optimize business decisions – who buy, why buy, what want, who in marketplace Research – design, gather, analyze & report into metrics Purpose of Research & Metrics – link with consumer, info for decision making Online Research & Metrics – computer networks, assist data collection - Business information systems o Internal reports (orders, billing, inventory) o Business intelligence o Business decision support system o Business research system Deontology – ethics trade-off Collect data & Metrics when: - Clarify answers - Alternative courses of action - Competitive advantage - Keep up with marketplace & competitors Data collection & Research Process 1. Need 5. Information Sources 9. Collect data 2. Problem 6. Accessing data 10. Analyze 3. Objectives 7. Collection forms 11. Report 4. Design 8. Sample plan & size Pros of Surveys - Standardization - Easily administered - Easily analyzed - Ask what we want Types of Questions Dichotomous = 2 options Nominal: use mode (demographics & education = nominal) Ranking (bad for stats) Ordinal: use medi
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