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Donna Zathy

Week 1 Systems of matter and energy progress to higher level of complex self organization. 1.Discuss how Roy’s background influenced the development of her nursing Awareness of self and environment is rooted in thinking and feeling.Human Model decisions are accountable for integration of creative processes. Thinking and feeling Roy’s roots of model lie in her personal and professional background. She is are the reasons for human actions. People on earth have common patterns and commited to philosophic and cultural assumptions characterized by the general integral relations. Human and environment meanings result in adaptation. principles of humanism and by veritivity and cosmic unity. Roy was influenced by Cultural assumptions studies in liberal arts and natural and social sciences. Experiences within a specific culture will influence how each element of the RAM Cosmic unity- a philosophic view of reality which stresses the principle that people model is expressed. There are concepts in culture that can influence all or some and the earth have common patterns and integral relationships. elements of RAM. Veritivity- a principle of human nature that state a common purposefulness of human existence. 3.Describe the four concepts of the meta-paradigm of nursing, according to Roy Person, environment, health and nursing. 2.Identify Roy’s philosophic, scientific and cultural assumptions Person- is adaptive system that can be affected by external and internal stimuli. Positive stimuli outcomes in adaptation. Negative stimuli outcomes in the alert of ScientificAssumptions needing nursing intervention. 4.Analyze individual responses to various stimuli, according to Roy Systems theory; Holism; Interdependence; control processes; information feedback; Types of stimuli: complexity of living systems; adaptation-level theory; behavior as adaptive; Contextual stimuli- all other stimuli present in the situation that contribute to the adaptation as a function of stimuli and adaptation level; individual, dynamic, affect of the focal stimulus. adaptation levels; positive and active processes of responding Focal stimulus- the internal and external stimulus most immediately confronting the human system Residual stimulus- an environmental factor within or outside the human system with Philosophic affects in the current situation that is unclear. Types of responses: Humanism; creativity; purposefulness;;holism; interpersonal process; veritivity; Adaptive response- promote integrity in terms of the goals of human systems purposefulness of human existence; unity of purpose; activity, creativity; value and Ineffective response- do not contribute to integrity in terms of goals in the human meaning of life. system Philosophic assumptions Philosophy itself means finding meaning through analysis and sharing beliefs, values and goals. Humanism is defined as the broad movement in psychology and philosophy that recognizes the individual and subjective dimensions of human experiences as a center of knowing and valuing. Vertivity for Roy is a rootedness of all knowledge being one. In veridity society is viewed as a unity of a human kind, activity and creativity for the common good and value and meaning of life. Roy believes that individuals stand united in a common destiny and find meaning in mutual relations with each other, the world and a God-figure. Scientific assumptions Regulator subsystem- for individuals, a major coping process involving the neural,-nausea and vomiting, nutrition more or less than body requirements, weight 20% chemical and endocrine systems. -25% above or below average, anorexia, ineffective coping strategies for altered Cognator subsystem- major coping process for individuals involving 4 cognitive- means of ingestion emotive channels: perceptual and information processing, learning, judgment, and emotions. Week 3 Week 2 1. Review, Develop and write Diagnostic Statements (2 part statements). 1.Discuss the link between the RAM and the NP Actual nursing diagnoses Describe the six steps in the nursing care plan according to the RAM  Potential and At risk nursing diagnoses 1. Assessment of behavior- in this step its indicated of how a human adaptive Wellness Diagnoses system manages to cope with, or adapt to changes in health status Nursing diagnosis: related to 2. Assesment of stimuli Goal setting: as evidenced by Priority setting GOAL EXPECTED OUTCOME High: Urgent physiological or safety needs Specific client behaviour or response Measurable criteria used to evaluate goal Intermediate: Non-emergent, non life-threatening achieved through nursing dx or achievement Low: Needs not directly related to illness (Potter & Perry, 2014, p. 179) collaborative problem resolution S.M.A.R.T. Short Term/Long Term For example: For example: Client will be able to turn without 2. Formulate nursing diagnoses (sub mode nutrition) using the RAM. Weight 20% below average related to poor eating habits Client achieves improved pain control additional discomfort Poor balanced diet due to poor time management. Potter & Perry, 2014, p. 175 Potter & Perry, 2014, p. 175 4. Differentiate goal from expected outcome. 3. Nursing diagnosis 5. Discuss the selection of nursing interventions. 4. Goal setting 5. Intervention  Nursing Diagnosis 6. Evaluation  Goals and expected outcomes  Evidence base for the intervention  Feasibility for performing an intervention 2. Assess responses related to nutrition. Identify common stimuli related to nutrition  Acceptability to the client -appetite and thirst  Capability of the nurse -height and weight -food allergies 7. Identify the elements of the evaluation process. -pain -altered ingestion  Identifying evaluative criteria and standards Define basic life processes related to Roy’s sub mode of nutrition  Collecting data to determine whether criteria/standards were met -eating-digestion  Interpreting and summarizing findings  Documenting findings and any clinical judgment Common adaptation problems related to nutrition  Terminating, continuing or revising care plan Week 4 1. Describe the self-concept mode according to the RAM (including personal self Grieving and physical self).
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