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Ryerson University
Retail Management
RMG 300
Norman Shaw

Automating, Informating, Transforming Business Value A positive return on the investment of resources that is created through the effective and efficient integration of an organizations people, information, IT, and business processes. Automation Using automation to execute repetitive, routine tasks without human intervention Information Recognizing that executing processes also creates new data (Withdrawing) Transformation Using IT to acquiremaintain a competitive advantage with their competitors: o Cost Same benefits at cheaper price o Differentiation Superior benefits BI, Data Warehouse, Data Mart, Data Cube, ETL Business Intelligence Computer based techniques used in identifying, extracting, and analyzing business data. Data Warehouse: Specialized for: Queries, Summary reports & analysis, Slicing and Dicing Detailed Transaction Data Scrubbed = Clean Restructured Data Mart Layer of the Data Warehouse that is used to get data out Data Cube: Data is summarized Faster query response ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) ClientServer Side computing Client Side Computing Cookies Persistent Privacy issues Languages JavaScript Flash ActiveX Shares data Applet Plug-in Server-Side Computing Customization Content changes Traffic management Queries Security Databases, Tables, Entities, Attributes, Fields, Records Database > Table > Records > Fields Entity Object that can be grouped together (Customers)
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