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Toronto is based on a city of immigrants. Stereotyping and prejudice are more individual acts that can have a larger effect. Discrimination is an action that has effects beyond the individual. Media is particularly implicated in perpetuating stereotypes. Its all very subjective or contemporary and conventional ideas. Challenging the notions of femininity trickery as opposed to brute force. A whole group that is made invisible. Power and dominance -> chains (slavery)/hair assimilation/exoticization /about mixed race women and being sexually available. Gay male = flamboyant they are fashionable and fun, makes the masculine, racialized men and women invisible, does not know anything besides his fashion. The unequal treatment of individuals or groups based on their characteristics or behaviours. It involves actions or practices of dominant group members that have a harmful impact on members of a subordinate group. Canada was always diverse aboriginal populations within themselves are extremely diverse.

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