BUS 361 Study Guide - Standard Operating Procedure, Project Plan, Project Management

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What is project control: project control: the process of monitoring and measuring project process and influencing the plan to account for any discrepancies between planned and actual progress. Write end report and document lessons learned and unresolved issues. The importance and philosophies of project control and. Why is project control important: controlling processes important in : integration, scope, time, cost, quality and r isk, successful outcomes of any project require control at every stage of project. Philosophies of controlling projects: a philosophy of project control: management style the manager employs in following a plan and dealing with problems or changes that arise, 2 approaches, dogmatic philosophy plan, autocratic to maintain adherence to plan. : little or no tolerance for deviation from: laid back philosophy problems that arise. : embrace the multiple changes or: pragmatic philosophy. : combination of both: usage depends on size of project www. notesolution. com.

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