BUS 393 Study Guide - Final Guide: Blic, Ritten, Controlled Burn

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, pinto . Tort law . Tort . (negligent ) . Vicarious liability , . Defamation . Injured party usually sues for monetary compensation (based on balance of probabilities) When an intentional or careless act harms another. Crimes are social wrongs that affect society as a whole. A tort is an inherently wrongful act that causes injury to another. When one person harms, another, either intentionally or carelessly, a tort has been committed and an action can be brought seeking compensation for injuries suffered, from the person who committed the wrong. Is committed when one person causes injury to another, harming his or her person, property or reputation. Vicarious liability (strict liability no fault)- en employer can be held liable for the tortuous act an employee commits while at work. This liability is limited to torts committed while carrying out employment duties.