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Business Administration
BUS 361

Ch. 2 The Project Management Lifecycle 5 phases: planning and selection, analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance What is the project management life cycle? Phase: a smaller part of a project Phase exits: review of the deliverables at the end of a phase of a project Cost and staffing levels, low at start, high at end Probability of success is low at beginning so is risk and uncertainty high Stakeholder influence is great at beginning low at end Project management and systems development or acquisition Systems development life cycle: a common methodology for systems development that marks the phases or steps of information systems development o Planning, analysis, design, implementation, maintenance Phase 1: systems planning The first phase of the SDLC, where the need for new or enhanced systems is identifies and the proposed system scope is determined o Results from Requests to deal with problems in current procedures The desire to perform additional tasks The realization that information technology could be used to capitalize on an existing opportunity Phase 2: systems analysis The second phase in the SDLC, where the system requirements are determined, alternative solutions are developed, and one is chosen that
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