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Study Guides for CHEM 120 at Simon Fraser University

General Chemistry I

Final Exam Review great overall review of all concepts covered

CHEM 120Exam Key Concepts Chapter 1 Matter its Properties and Measurements States of mattersolid liquid gas Significant figuresi count from left to right starting from first nonzero digitiiandsame decimal places as the num...

CHEM 120
Richard Oakley
CHEM 120 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Ethanol, Carbon Tetrachloride, Reagent

CHEM 120 Section 1Test 1 Version 1Page 1 of 61 What is the minimum mass of oxygen required to burn 0500 g CH 108CHOCOHOunbalanced108222CH12O10CO4HO108222A 0125 g1B 600 g mol CH0500 g128164 g mol380003901C 150 gD 00417 g mo...

CHEM 120
Carey Bissonnette
CHEM 120
Carey Bissonnette
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