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Ch 2 what it means to be human.docx

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EDUC 230
Robin Barrow

Ch 2What is it to be human1We have the ability to use a language that allows us to do things like hypothesize imagine predict and lie1Dog owners know that the sound walk can produce a reaction1But theres no evidence to support this since we dont know if nonhuman animals can formulate thoughts1Computers animals and humans are different we have a unique kind of language2Educational perspective if animals and computers have the unique language we have as humans then theyre considered as humans as wellthen they should be going to school and be educated1But in reality you can only train and animal and program a computer You can only educate a human1Our uniqueness lies in our brain1Necessary vs sufficient condition1Part of the brain is associated with creative activityif we dont have this part of the brain we cant be creative1Were genetically endowed individuals but were not
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