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EDUC 230
Robin Barrow

1Educere to lead out if one is truly educated they should seek to bringlead out whats in some sense innate in the child rather than to impose various preselected attitudes and characteristics on him to train2Develop the individual rather than attempt to mould him3Educare to nourish4Childs own pov should take precedence over the teachers and that the child should himself dictate the scpe and direction of his education rather than be educated in the light of the preconceived values and attitudes of adults5Any education not childcentreed isnt education according to PS Wilson1Child centered must be taken to imply that the child himself should be given consideration as a person in his own right2Expected to gain from the literacy and numeracy of the child at the end of the processth1Elementary school tradition of 19 c2Children were sent to school not out of any concern for them but of concern for the employers who needed employees with particular rudimentary skills1If educ is to be regarded as childcentered then it must at least be concerned for the advantage of the child himself Not simply as a means to somebodys advantage and not just be useful to the society2So far as a childcentered education means that the child should be regarded as an end in himself3Not treating the child as a means to somebodys advantage develop the childs sense of accuracy and memorizing ability as well as enable him to read latin literature all of which would be to his personal advantage rather than anybody elses4childcentered has been interpreted to mean at least that the individual who is receiving education should be regarded as an end in his own right We should add that the notion of childcentered education also implies that the child should be treated as a child and not as a miniature adult1Rousseau children were not simply small adults and that their mental capacities attitudes feelings and ways of looking things were not simpley relatively underdeveloped but were in many ways quite distinct from those of adults1insert Rousseaus Emiliatake nature take its course for the childautonomy1Piaget dont just observe that the child is different but specify some of the respects in which he is different Recognition of the child as a child must now involve recognition of such points as that before a certain age children do not have a grasp of the idea of volume cannot be said to understand parables from the Bible and more generally that
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