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Study Guide for English 102 with Matt Hussey (SPRING 2011)

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Simon Fraser University
Matt Hussey

1 WEEK 1: INTRODUCTION: READING POETRY Paraphrase - a restatement in your own words of the major ideas, argument or thematic elements of a poem Poetry - anything said in such a way or put on the page in such a way as to invite from the hearer or reader a certain kind of attention - inspires wonder, captures attention - constantly introduces the reader to something bracingly different from what is already known - gives the reader new perspectives on how language is used not only in poems but also in everyday life Some Tips When Reading Poetry (provided in UP chapter 1) - read the poem aloud, more than once if necessary - make a word-for-word copy of the poem - circle any words you do not understand, look them up - highlight any phrases you do not understand or that are memorable - explore the relationship between the title and key wordsphrases - write about your poetry-reading experience after reading the poem WEEK 2: WRITING ABOUT POETRY AND POETIC DICTION Writing About Poetry Writing and Argument - a focused and targeted medium - language, writer and audience must relate - an arguable claim is most important - specificity is key - good arguments focus on only one section of the poem - i.e. recurrent themes, images, symbols, allusions, etc Body Paragraphs - ask yourself how and why your argument is relevant in your body paragraphs - make sure that your body paragraphs flow logically - have your final body paragraph be the strongest andor most profound body paragraph in your essay Conclusion - in your conclusion ask yourself what are the implications of your analysisargument
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