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HIST 101
Willeen Keough

Early Governance - 1729 -- non-resident governor -- local Justices of Peace - Naval Justice -- British statutory law -- Local customary law of fishery - Residents had little say. Immigration - mostly fromWest of England and Southern Ireland. Population Growth - Increased trade - Intro of potato - Spring seal fishery -- employment in off-season - Dominance of resident fishery NFL had become an attractive destination for immigrants-- high wages in fishery and low passenger fares. - British government was passing various passenger acts,trying to cut down on passenger abuse. -- lots of people died due to poor accommodations for passengers. Economy - Largely dependent on saltfish trade - Little commercial agriculture -Traded with Southern Europe,Brazil,and Caribbean. - Cod fishery vulnerable -- catch failures -- shifting market demand -- increasing competition -- decline in quality of cure --- women were active in the fishing process;after men caught them,women had to clean and dry the fish. 3:48 Class - shaped by fishery - merchants -- control trade -- provided supplies and provisions - Planters:what british called settlers -- owned fishing premises -- dependent on merchants --- supplies --- purchase and market fish - fishing servants -- dependent on merchants and planters --- work and provisions tensions - class tensions -- truck system:planters and fishermen felt that merchants 'fixed' prices of supplies and fish - Ethnic tensions:Irish catholics vs.English protestants:in some areas,no intermarriage,separate small communities in bays. - "Native" v
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