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Study Guide for Midterm 1: ch 13

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PSYC 102
Paula Wilson

PSYC 102STUDY GUIDE FOR MIDTERM 1 CH13 Personalitydistinctive and relatively enduring ways of thinking feeling and acting that characterize a persons response to life situations Freuds Psychoanalytic Theory Conversion hysteriaa disorder where physical symptoms suddenly appear and with no apparent physical cause Repressedpushed out of awareness Free associationsaying whatever comes to mind no matter how trivial or embarrassing Psychic Energy and Mental Events Psychic energypowers the mind and constantly presses for either direct or indirect release Conscious mindmental events in current awarenessPreconscious mindmemories feelings thoughts and images that we are unaware at the moment but can be recalled Unconscious minddynamic realm of wishes feelings and impulses that lie beyond our awareness Structure of Personality Idinnermost core only structure present at birth source of all psychic energy exists in the unconscious mindPleasure Principleseeks immediate gratification or release regardless of rational considerations and environmental realities Egodirect contact with reality and functions at the conscious level must achieve balance between the demands of the id constraints of superego and demands of reality Superegomoral arm of the personality contains the traditional values and ideals of family and society Conflict Anxiety and Defense Defense Mechanismsunconscious mental operations that deny or distort reality Repressionpushes anxietyarousing impulses or memories into the unconscious mind Displacementunacceptable or dangerous impulse is repressed then directed at a safer substitute target Projectionunacceptable impulse is repressed then attributed to other people projected upon Rationalizationperson constructs a false but plausible explanation or excuse for behaviour that has already occurred Reaction formationan anxietyarousing impulse is repressed and its psychic energy finds release in an exaggerated expression of the opposite behaviour Sublimationtaboo impulses may be channeled into socially desirable and admirable behaviour completely masking the sinister underlying impulses Psychosexual Development
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