PSYC 106 Study Guide - Final Guide: Therapeutic Relationship, Gender Variance, Dysphoria

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Other psych theories (just be familiar with these in general) Some disorders not grouped as anxiety still involve anxiety. What if you have the symptoms but not the neuro part: other reasons why people may be inattentive/hyper. Biederman and the massaging of criteria (don"t forget baby. Problems with the research paradigm and blinding (major issues before the pharmaceutical industry even starts doing their thing) It takes 2 to make a thing go right falsify, can"t prove anything. Ways that pharma inluences research (hiding negative results, lying, excluding certain participants, limiting research centres, Can"t trust anything: doctors don"t have the info. Huge amount of variability in gender atypical behaviour. Idea of psychological issues setting the stage for physical illness. Key factors: emotional repression (anger), stress/emotional isolation. Attachment as survival way of being in the world. Trying to measure concepts that the ield can"t deine (and that are impossible to deine or know whether it makes sense to measure them)