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Psyc 365 Ch 12 Health Promotion

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Simon Fraser University
PSYC 365
David Cox

Psyc 365 Ch 12 – Health Promotion Health Promotion - Strategies intended to maintain or improve the health of large populations Development of Health Promotion in Canada - 1700’s o Focus on hospital operation and sanitation regulations - Early 1900’s o Provincial and national health promotion plans  Participaction  Heart Health - 1974 o Lalonde’s report identifies healthy lifestyle as promotion target - 1986 o Epp provides framework for health promotion in Canada still used today o Mutual aid is encouraged o Responsibility is placed upon the individual - 1987 o Labonte ideantifies three levels for successful health promotion  Medical  Disease based  Goal is disease treatment  Community might develop a recovery program for heart attack victims or increase cancer research funds  Public Health  Behaviour based  Goal is disease prevention  Eg promotion of safe sex, anti drinking and driving programs  Socioenvironmental  Orientated toward social hange and public health policy  Eg. Legislation to reduce poverty or school board policies for lunch - The goals of Health Promotion in Canada o Health Challenges  Inequity  Aboriginal report lower health, as do those in lower income brackets  Most want wait-lists shortened. A solution would be a two tiered system  Case in quebec went to supreme court of Canada, who ruled in favour of defendant who wanted to be able to use private insurance to pay for health care so as to avoid pain and waiting  Aging population  Seniors will have more health issues  Also adolescent populations have started smoking more  Occupations  Stress problems  Second hand smoke - Health Promotion Mechanisms o Self care  Behaviours such as exercise, diet, voluntary screening and regular medical checkups o Pap test  Test done to screen for cervical cancer o Mutual Care  Responsibility to family, friends, loved ones, and even society when it comes to health and safety  Social support  Collection of interpersonal resources that we have at our disposal to help us avoid or cope with difficult times in our lives  Naturally occurring support o The support we obtain from friends, relatives, co-workers, and others in our own social networks  Agency-provided support o Social support provided by agencies and organizations that have been formed to fill the void when naturally occurring support is either lacking unavailable  Can be practical, informational, or emotional Improving Health Promotion by Applying Principles of Psychology - Prominent Theories in Health Psychology Applied to Health Promotion o Health Belief Model  Analyzes health behaviour in terms of the belief that a health threat exists and the belief that a given course of action will affect the threat o Theory of reasoned action  Posits that behaviour is preceded by intention and that the intention is influenced by beliefs about the behaviour and subjective norms o Theory of planned behaviour  Behaviour is preceded by intention and that our intention is influenced not
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