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The men are strong and muscular and lack of emotion. The women are small and petite and over emotional. Femininity is more submissive and are passive (has things done to it) Masculinity is aggressive and violent and is active (makes things and move things) Early advertising: hucksters vs. professionals, wwii and the rise of consumerism, every family in a home, domestic engineers and bread winners . Advertisement #2: (axe ad: angles falling from the sky (only females) the way they conclude the video ends with a heterosexual relationship. Advertisement #3 (doves natural beauty ad: question: the way it is edited and presented, question: the choice of the girls they"re still a beauty company. Media stereotypes: taylor swift photo, white dress that is soft, thin, white femininity, delicate, nicki minaj: exotic, sexual stereotype, raj from big bang: not sexual, nerd because he comes from india, he is more of his mind.

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