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Cell division: y makes new daughter cells y everything in the original cell must be reproduced or evenly distributed. Mitochondria, for example, are randomly distributed throughout a cell, but chromosomes require special attention. The centromere has specific functions: site where most cohesions are found, site where the microtubules attach to the chromosome y the breakdown of cohesion rings begins in anaphase. However, three of them are discarded as polar bodies in order to maximize volume in the final oocyte. y differences between animals, plants, and fungi. Nuclear fusion: double fertilization is a major difference. Dna-rna and rna-rna all pair this way. y pair with complementary base pairing at and cg. Replication of circular pieces of dna y prokaryotic chromosomes, prokaryotic plasmids, and eukaryotic organelle chromosomes all replicate the same general way. y at the ori, two replication forks are made. Replication of linear pieces of dna y in eukaryotic nuclear chromosomes, there are more than one ori locations.

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