NURS407 Study Guide - Final Guide: Asepsis, Health Professional, Nathan Astle

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In this lab, students will explore the concepts of clinical judgment and safety through the exemplar of intravenous (iv) medication administration. Specifically they will develop techniques for calculation, reconstitution and administration of iv medications via continuous, intermittent, and direct. By the end of the lab lecture, students will be able to: analyze the concept of clinical judgment by identifying and discussing, advantages and disadvantages of iv medications, appropriate assessment including: Identification of potential complications of iv medications and their associated signs and symptoms. Intermittent (piggyback: direct iv, demonstrate skill administering medication following safe medication principles, electronic iv pump infusion, direct iv, document. Complications of infusion therapy: peripheral and central vascular access devices (2018). Phillip"s manual of i. v. therapeutics: evidence-based infusion therapy (7th ed. ). (pp. Retreived from http://inphonet. albertahealthservices. ca. login. ezproxy. library. ualberta. ca/pharmacy/pm/index. asp (ccid required - located in nursing subject guide in ualberta library). In p. a. potter, a. g. perry, j. c. ross kerr, m. j. Wood: j. astle, & w. duggleby (eds.