SOC100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Stanford Prison Experiment, Stamp Collecting, Symbolic Interactionism

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- assumption that society functions much like a machine. Sociological imagination: the capacity to shift from one perspective to another; to be able to shift from the perspective of the personal experience to the grander, societal scale that caused or in uenced that personal experience. - the ability to view human lives as shaped by social forces; recognize relationship between individuals and society; **individuals and society. Structural functionalism: functionalism: focuses on how social systems operate and produce consequences. Structuralism: a way of explaining social forms and their contributions to social cohesion. Ie: this is the part of society we call organized religion, and this is how it functions structure and function of systems that make up society society needs institutions to work properly so there is order, harmony, stability. - 3 different types of functions: 1. manifest: intended. 3. latent dysfunction: unintended, unrecognized and negative in consequences. 3. perpetuation of existent social inequalities (race, social class, gender)

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