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Bishop's University
SOC 101
Sara Cumming

Soc 101 Exam Review 140 MC questions Worth 35 of final grade there will be 30 questions on crime havent been tested on crime yet Coverschapter 11014 Crash Shes a Boy I Knew Race is a 4 Letter Word video clips shown and the beginning of class only those discussed during the lecture Guest Lectures Julia WoodhallClassical Theory Krista ShacklefordCulture PeopleDurkheimfunctionalist o Established sociology as a serious scientific endeavour o Culture and society exist outside of the individual are independent of the individual and outlive the individual He referred to this external collective force as the collective conscience that drives your behaviours without being aware of it The collective conscience is the totality of beliefs and sentimentscommon to average citizens of the same society that has its own life Since we cannot see the collective conscience directly we are forced to study reflections of it these reflections are the social facts Social factsare general social features that exist on their own and are independent of individual manifestations o People wanted to work together for collective benefit The new urban and industrial society presented many challenges to both the individual and the collective o Low levels of social integration and regulation were a source of various social problems including rising deviance and suicide rates o Most of his writing focus on the causes of this decline in moral society and on the institutions of religion and education which he believed had potential to lessen it o Anomie Is a state of normlessness that results from the lack of clear goals and creates feelings of confusion that may ultimately lead to higher suicide rates o He suggested that while we are more collectively oriented and live in a less punitive society today than in the past we no longer have a choice to coexistinstead we need each other to surviveWebersymbolic interactionist o One of the founding figures of sociology o Analysis of how the social world is becoming increasingly rationalized over time by which he meant that people are becoming more focused on selecting the most efficient means to accomplish any particular end o While rationalization may make society more productive and efficient it may also result in people that act like machines and do not appreciate the larger social world in which they exist o Verstehen means a deep understanding and interpretation of subjective social meanings It refers to understanding the meaning of an action from the actors point of view Human actors are not seen as the product of external forces that directs their lives but instead as active agentswho engagewith others to recognize their world and give it meaning
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