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Chapter 9LeadershipLeadershipthe influence that particular individuals exert on the goal achievement of others in an organizational contextStrategic Leadershipleadership that involves the ability to anticipate envision maintain flexibility think strategically and work with others to initiate changes that will create a viable future for the organizationLimitations of the trait approachDo traits make the leader or does the opportunity for leadership produces the traitsDoes not tell us what leaders do to influence others The most crucial problem is its failure to take into account the situation in which leadership occursThe Behaviour of LeadersThe most involved systematic study of leadership was begun at ohio stateEmployees describe their superiors along a number of behavioural dimensions ConsiderationThe extent to which a leader is approachable and shows personal concern and respect for employeesLeader is seen as egalitarian and friendly expresses appreciation and support and is protective of group welfareInitiating StructureThe degree to which a leader concentrates on group attainmentThe structure leaderoClearly defines and organizes her role and the roles of followersoStresses standard procedures and schedules the work to be doneoAssign employees to particular tasksLeader reward behaviouruse of complements tangible benefits and deserved special treatment
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