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ADM 2372 - Chapter 3 Notes - The Internet and E-Business.docx

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thADM 2372Management Information SystemsFebruary 9 2012Chapter 3 The Internet and EBusinessSection 31Business and the InternetEBusiness The conducting of business on the internet not only buying and selling but also serving customers and collaborating with business partnersDisruptive Technology Digital Darwinism Implies that organizations which cannot adapt to the new demands placed on them for surviving in the information age are doomed to extinctionDisruptive vs Sustaining TechnologyoDisruptive Technology A new way of doing things that initially does not meet the needs of existing customersoSustaining Technology Produces an improved product customers are eager to buyoInnovators Dilemma Discusses how established companies can take advantage of disruptive technologies without hindering existing relationships with customers partners and stakeholders The InternetBusiness DisruptionoOne of the biggest forces changing business is the internetoOrganizations must be able to transform as markets economic environments and technologies changeoFocusing on the unexpected allows an organization to capitalize on the opportunity for new business growth from a disruptive technologyEvolution of the InternetThe internet began as an emergency military communications system operated by the US Department of DefenceGradually the internet moved from a military pipeline to a communication tool for scientists to businessoInternet Computer networks that pass information from one to another using common computer protocolsoProtocol Standards that specify the format of data as well as the rules to be followed during transmissionMany entities oversee the internet and set standards1Internet Engineering Task Force IETF The protocol engineering and development arm2Internet Architecture Board IAB Overall architecture and provides guidance to IETF3Internet Engineering Steering Group IESG Technical management of IETF activitiesEvolution of the World Wide Web WWW A global hypertext system that uses the internet as its transport mechanismoHypertext Transport Protocol HTTP The internet standard that supports the exchange of information on the WWWoTwo Main Events1Tim BernersLee built the first web site on August 6 1991 httpinfocernch
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