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3 and 5 endsThe back bone has a 3 end and the other is a 5 end the two strands are lined up opposite to each other The 5 end containsa phosphate molecule and the 3 end contains a nucleotide Adenineone of the four nitrogenous bases Adenine will only base pair with thymine Adenine is a purine that is a larger nitrogenous base Base pairsAdenine and thymine guanine and cytosine The combination of these insures that the distances between the two strands will always be the same Purines a and g are much larger than the pyrimidines t and cComplimentary strandStrand of DNA that is built using an original strand of DNA as a template The complimentary strand has pairing nucleotides and requires a few nucleotides at the begging to allow it to start building Then RNA polymerase comes and builds the new DNA strand CytosineOne of the four nitrogenous bases Cytosine will only base pair with guanine Cytosine is a pyrimidine that is a smaller nitrogenous base DNA HelicaseUsed in DNA replication to unwind the helix separating the two DNA strands Without the use of helicase DNA replication would be impossible because there would be no way of getting to the individual strands of DNA DNA polymerase I II IIIused to synthesize DNA requires RNA polymerase PRIMASE to get everything started DNA polymerase will then take over in synthesizing the duplicate strand of DNA The polymerase adds the appropriate nucleotide by attaching the 5 end with the growing 3 end of t
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