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University of Ottawa
Jon Houseman

BIO 2135 Porifera Key WordsAmebocyte in sponges it is found in the mesohyl and is responsible for bringing excess food to cells that are unable to feed themselves such as the ones in the pinacoderm See archeocyteAnimalia taxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct animalsAquiferous System a water pumping system The differences between an aquiferous system and a waterpumping vascular system found in sea stars lie in the where the choanocytes are found how the choanocytes move and pump the water the number of oscula and the number of porocytesArcheocyte can also be called amebocyte They are able to differentiate and form new choanocytes pinacoderm and porocytes These are similar to the stem cells found in humansAsconoid type of sponge They are the least efficient in food collection It has a spongocoel that is lined in choanocytes The water enters through the porocytes and then flows out of the top of the osculum due to the current created by the choanocytes Due to the size of the cavity some water is able to make it through without having any food taken out of it These are the smallest sponges because they dont take in a lot of food and therefore cannot grow very big Asymmetric Body does not have an oral access or an aboral access Bilaterally Symmetric an organism can only be divided in one plan to achieve symmetry Example humanscan be divided from the head to the feet but not at the hipsBudding is a form of asexual reproduction A bud is formed at the end of an organism grows separates and becomes and new genetically identical organism Cellular Grade cells that function independently of one another There are no tissues and no celltocell communication This organization is found in the Parazoa Choanocyte found in the Porifera It is the ancestor to all animals It has a flagellum that beats and draws water towards it so that it can trap food on the collar and then the food will be ingested by the cell Choanoderm the layer of the sponge where the choanocytes are found This is the business end of the sponge It pumps water and traps food to be used in cells Choanocyte Chamber is found in leuconoid sponges It is a larger area within the leuconoid sponge where the water flow slows down so that the choanocytes can take as much food as possible from the water Water can visit multiple choanocyte chambers on its way to the oscula and out of the sponge meaning that there are
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