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Michael Jonz

Lecture 13EXAM VERSIONNovember25121247 AM VESICULAR TRAFFIC PROTEIN SORTING FROM ER TO GOLGIBEYONDTransport from ER to GolgiBeyondProteins were translocated to the ERThen transported to the golgi apparatus via protein coated vesicles Types of Coated VesiclesCoated vesicles coated regions of membrane that budd offoCoat discareded to fuse with target membraneoassemble only when and where neededfunctions of coatoConcentrates specific membrane proteinsohelps select appropriate molecules for transportoVesicles with same coat are same sizeAssembly of coat proteins into curved lattices deforms the membrane path and molds the forming vesiclesClathrin plasma membrane golgimedite transport from Golgi apparatus and plasma membraneBud away from plsma membrane and membrane golgiEndocytosis recycling of membrane material from secreted vesiclesExocytosis Release of perticles from vessiclesCOPII from ERmediate transport from ER and golgi cisternaeBud away from ERproduce vesicle through golgi then through plasma membrane or excreted into extecelular spaceCOPI from golgimediate transport from ER and golgi cisternae Bud away from golgi transport back to ERBind to outside of ER and coat vesicles to be transported out of ER COPIIcoated Transport VesiclesSar1 osoluble coat t recruitment GTPase molecular switch in cytosoloresponsible for COPII coat assembly at ER membraneoInduces exhange of GDP for GTPin cytosol in inactive GDP bound stateGDP replaced by GTP to produce sar1GTPGEF embedded in ER membrane binds to Sar1 causes it to release GDP and bind GTPsar1GTP binds to ER membrane via hydrophobic tail and initiates membrane 1curvatureSar1 exposes fatty acid tail and inserts into the lipid bilayer of ER membrane1
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