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Marie- Pierre Schippers

BIO 3303 Assignment #1: Neuron Model ( /5) Due Sept. 27th Neurophysiologists routinely use computer simulations to explore questions about neural processing mechanisms. Neural models incorporate a number of physiological variables, including Na + and K +concentrations and conductances, and stimulus parameters, including stimulus voltage and frequency, to closely approximate natural responses. In this assignment, you will be using a web-based neural simulation software* to explore neuron function. The simulation file “neuron_model4.swf” initiates an experimental simulation that models the response of a neuron to stimulus current pulses. Complete the following steps and submit the answers to the questions (Q1-Q6) electronically once completed. Part A- Neural simulation software Instructions: To run the experiment, click “Start Experiment”. The initial parameters are set so that when the experiment is started, a standard action potential occurs. The "Reset Values" button brings you back to these initial values. You can change the values in the 2 upper left panels. The left panel sets the physiological variables of the neuron and the right panel sets the variables of the applied stimulus. The results of the experiment are displayed on graphs. Question 1: What is the membrane potential change during the standard action potential (difference from resting to maximum depolarization)? (0.5 mark) The conductance is an index of membrane permeability. Change the maximum K conductance value to 0 uA/mV/cm . Click “start experiment”. Observe what happens with to the membrane potential after the stimulus (current) is applied. Click on “reset values”. Change the [K+] outvalue to 108 mM. Click “start experiment”. Observe what happens to the membrane potential after the stimulus is applied. Question 2: Explain what happens to the K+ ions movement from inside to outside of the cells in the two situations described above. Explain your reasoning for each situation. (1 mark) Reset values. Change pulse type to: “repeated”. Set time between pulses to 10 ms. Start experiment Question 3a: Why are there only 2 action potentials when 3 separate stimuli were applied? In nd other words, why the 2 pulse did not produce an action potential? (0.5 mark) DO NOT reset values. Double the pulse ampli
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