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Experiment 4 Chemical Kinetics IntroductionEvery chemical reaction is useful in some way whether it is a reaction of a large scale nuclear bomb or simply the reaction of a light going off on a childs sparkler Yet every reaction varies in so many different ways in what is used to start the reaction reactants what is made in the reaction products or simply the time it takes for the reaction to reach completion rate And while the rate seems like an unimportant part of the entire process it is crucial in order to meet the demands of todays needs After all no man would want to wait to a couple thousand years to create a small diamond in hopes of proposing Yet by studying the rates of reactions the conditions needed for it to occur and the concentration that affects the rate order of reaction we have improved leaps and bounds in studying of chemistry This experiment investigates just that under the name Chemical KineticsAs we delve deeper into the subject you will learn relationship of the rate of a chemical reaction is proportional to the product of the reaction concentrations each raised to the power of their own reaction order number So by using a simple equation as a basisABPWe can represent the relation sated above asnmnmRateABRatekAB which can be made into the equation 1molLmolLWhere k is representative of the proportionality constantrate constant in units ofHowever originally rate was measured graphically if the concentration or something mirroring the value as a function and then p
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