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Zeus JupiterOlympians vs TitansHesiod 700 Theogamy origin of the godsMythographers ChaosGyiaGe EarthTartarusEros FateOrenous Skyproduced Titanskronos youngest and hostileadement indestructible materialAphrodite rising out of the sea foamndApollotarus 2 centuryTriads grouping of three godsIndoEuropean thought patternsSuccession Mythsubject to change and resistanceOrenous sky being the king of the godsreserfed by Kronos his sonKronos starts a relationship with his sister reya close parallel kibple goddess in Turkeythe sacred marriage Jungthe golden agegives birth to Hestia Demeter Hera Hades Poseidon Zeus the OlympiansKronos tries to devour his children except Zeus because he does not want to lose powerconceil the birth of the last child Zeus in the island of Creteconceils Zeus in a caveApollotarus and Hesiod told this story in the same way CreteIs Zeus born in the Archadia or the island of Crete Other authors argue for the archadian originsocial and economical benefits to claiming the birthplace of the king of the godsCollinusAltar of Zeus in ArchadiaTitanomarchy the war of the TitansKronos spits the stone out as well as the other childrenZeus free the hundred handers and the cyclopses in the battleintergenerational conflictsons of kronos vs the sons of orenousfought for ten yearscyclopses gave Zeus the thunderbolt posidon a trident hades a helmetZeusskyPoseidonseaHades underworldGigantomachy war of the giantsZeus imprison them in the underworld as wellTytheous Typhoonmost powerful of the giantsSuccession Myth1Orenous2Kronos3Zeus in place for a long timePrometheus fore thought can see whats commingtrickster figure or archetypehis brother is after thoughthe deceives Zeus usually to benefit mortals or human beingsAnimal sacrifice is the primary way to worship the godsPrometheus is bound to an island by Zeus ethiology gods only gets the bones in a primordial ritualthe story of Pandora all gifts although only one of her gifts is not negativethe first women created by Zeus eve figurewomen is given to men as a punishmenthope remains inside the boxVideo on ZeusDeucalionhuman being whos given a warning to give refugevery much like the noahs arc storySumeriansearliest recorded witen record from that period
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