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CMN 1148 Quiz: CMN1148 Quiz Chapter 9 2017 FallExam

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CMN 1148
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Communication in Everyday Life:
Chapter 9
Question 1:
According to Jeffrey Rubin, a typical conflict resembles a(n) ________.
three-act play
Question 2:
In direct contrast to empathy, when we show ________ we convey a lack
of interest in the ideas of others, their activities, or their decisions.
Question 3:
Using ________ as a supportive communication strategy involves offering
thoughts and feelings without judging.
Question 4:
________ is NOT one of the coping styles identified in the
ThomasKilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI).
Question 5:
People involved in ________ do not address issues directly.
covert conflict
Question 6:
Two groups of workers rely on one another to complete different parts of
the same project. One group is late with their work, and this angers the
other group. In this case, ________ is/are likely the source of conflict.
Question 7:
Gary and Amber decide to become roommates. When they move into a
new apartment, both want the larger bedroom. A conflict erupts when
both insist that they will have the larger bedroom. The source of this
conflict is likely ________.
scarce and non-distributable resources
Question 8:
Henry and Sophia work together at a retail store. They enter into a
conflict about who will be scheduled to work the late shift. When
discussing the problem, Sophia says to Henry, “We need to figure out how
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