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CMN 3105 Study Guide - Final Guide: Involuntary Euthanasia, Making Money, Neoconservatism

Course Code
CMN 3105
Stuart Chambers
Study Guide

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Final Review
Jeremy Scaihill
Wendy Brown
Things in
!Capital letters
!Quotation marks
!Thesis of a book
!Imp people
Content of what guest lectures said
Lecture 8
!Liberalism or communism
!Bold terms, quotation marks, italics all are imp
All required readings from the coursepack
!Half of the exam
All lectures
!Other half of the exam
Articles, youtube clips and guest lectures
Detailed areas to know
Political spectrum
!e.g. Left vs. right, liberal vs. consertative, democrat vs. republican
o!Liberals can be centre left
o!NDP – green party
o!Multi-cultural ideas
!!Gay rights

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o!Tea party
o!Who would support what
Neoliberal doesn’t care about morality
!They don’t care what their morality has affect in Iraq for e.g.
Neocons love morality
!The want universe to follow one moral code at all times
What values would they accept and reject?
!Know what their value systems are
!Know the general labels
o!Left gets tagged physically conservative
What did John Morse support and reject?
!Temperance, restrain, values
o!He supports the community
!He rejects temptation, self-indulgence, narcissism
!He could never square the contradiction. His contradiction was:
o!Living in a liberal society in which you define your own good
but he started to define the good for you
Hard paternalism and soft paternalism
!Soft paternalism
o!Try to persuade you
o!But you can make a decision in your right conscious mind
!Hard paternalism
o!They want their desires to be yours
o!You should follow their preferences
o!Similar to polygamy
!Legal moralism
o!The majority morals rule
o!Majority can turn you down because of harm, ‘slippery
slope’, its harmful to the society
Basis of John Stewart’s document
!Liberal neutrality
o!Unless you’re interfering in 3rd party rights, imperially based,
measurable, moral spill over effects, social harm or self
protection, then the person can do whatever they like
o!That’s one of the basis here of laws in Canada
o!Only time you can stop someone is self-preservation
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