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20120911CMN 1148A Organizational CommunicationClass 1 Notes DefinitionsCommunicationthe process of acting upon information Someone something says or does something and others think or do something in responseHuman Communication the process of making sense of the world and sharing that sense with others Ex Art Dancing Religion Architecture Media LiteratureInterpersonal Communication When we interact simultaneously with another person and mutually influence each other Organizational Communication The process of making sense out of the world and sharing that sense with others in the context of organizations for the achievement of mutual goals Teams Work teams Business people University Neighborhood etc Four Principles of Interpersonal Communication 1Communication is inescapableaWe cannot not communicate 2Communication can be intentional or unintentionalaWe both give and give off communication 3Communication has a content and a relational dimensionaThe content meaning of a message gives information about the topic being discussedbThe relational meaning of a message refers to the nature of the relationship if those communicating 4Communication is irreversibleaYou can never just take it back Communication ModelsThe Action ModeloLinear oneway Emphasis on senderThe Interaction ModeloThe addition of feedback Emphasis on the exchange of information Importance of contextThe Transaction ModeloSimultaneous mutual influence multidimensionalChapter 1 Interpersonal ProcessWhy We CommunicatePhysical NeedsoCmn affects physical health people who lack cmn relationships risk dying early have a higher risk of dementiaAlzheimers more likely to be hospitalized higher risk of complications during pregnancy risk of heart disease and other illnesses Identity needsoWho you are depends on how others react to you Reactions determine beauty intelligence and skill levels oFeral children like the Boy of Aveyron and Genie only began to learn human selfidentity when influenced by the socialization of others to whom they communicated withSocial NeedsoCommunication is the principle way that relationships are createdoAllows a person to help and be helped and feel includedoPositive social interaction creates a higher quality of lifeoModern societal advancements ex industrialization capitalism new transportation and the internet have sparked a decline in facetoface interaction which may lead to physical and emotional problems
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