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LECTURE 1Major Concepts and the Transition From Traditional to Modern SocietiesWHEN STUDYING MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER IS THAT EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED AND YOU MUST STUDY EVERYTHING HOW IT RELATES TO EACH OTHER IE AUDIENCE ASSUMPTIONS COUPLED WITH AUDIENCE COMPETENCECOMMUNICATIONWhat is communicationoElusive concept v vague and has many meaningsoRange and possibilities of meaningsoCould be personal mediated hierarchal or egalitarianoCould designate a channel of communication content or form of communicationAnytype of language or medium that passes a message ie music fashionoCould highlight psychological sociological or economic traitsoCould refer to writing speech or signs and gesturesMEDIAWhat is the mediaoIt is a plural concept refers to many things sometimes more than one thing at a timeoCan refer to technologies human voice and also body is a medium of expressionoTherefore it is the channel through which you communicate somethingThere are many disparities in the studies of various mediaothere is some sort of a bias and this bias comes with whatever is popular at the time so this will often dictate what is usedhow information is portrayed etc
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